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Bumper Image - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How long does the repair work take?
A.Bumper Image is a mobile,come to you service with average repair times of between 2-3 hours.

Q.What types of damage can you fix?
A.The profesional services provided by Bumper Image include: Repairs to bumper bars,side mouldings,
side skirts and door mirrors.Paint damage repair caused by stone chips or where scratches and scrapes are
visible is a specialty.

Q.How much does it cost?
A.99% of repairs cost less than your insurance excess!free on site or online quotations are available.

Q.Will the repair look as good as the work done at a panal shop?
A.Yes,with decades of experience and craftmanship,coupled with the use of high quality automotive paints and
repair products a Bumper Image repair is top quality.

Q.Are you licenced?
A.Bumper Image is fully licenced with the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Authority (MVRIA),as a Motor Vehicle Repairer
in accordance with Fair Trading NSW Government and complies with the Motor Vehicle Repairs act 1980.

Q.How do you know which colour will be a match for my car?
A.A colour code number from your car is used in conjunction with a computerised painr mix formula to custom blend an
indentical paint match.

Q.What do you need to do a mobile paint repair?
A.Bumper Image requires and under shelter area (eg Garage,Carport) for your car and access to electricity.

Q.Will my car be affected by overspray?
A.NO,The use of specialised low pressure,low volume spray painting guns and the masking up of surrounding
panels along with Bumper Image's experience workmanship ensures overspray is not a worry.

Q.Will the paint be spilt on my garage floor?
A.No,The work area is covered by a protective ground sheet.All paint mixing and filling of the specialised
spray guns is managed inside Bumper Image's mobile repair vehicle.

Q.As you work outside a "spray booth" will the finished job have dust marks?
A.No,All work is professionally buffed to a mirror finish after the drying process.

Q.Can i drive my car straight after the repair is finished?
A.Yes,All Bumper Image's paint work is fully cured and polished on completion to provide a professional finish
and time effective mobile repair service.

Q.Is your work guaranteed?
A.There is a guarantee on the workmanship of all repairs.

Q.Why are your repairs more affordable than a Panel Beater?
A.Bumper Image does not have the expensive overheads of staff or building premises.

Q.Do you work on any type of vehicle?
A.Bumper Image has two decades of experience working on a variety of vehicles from "top end" BMW and Mercedes
to maintaining family and pensioner's well loved cars.Each customer is valued individually,so too each job
is considered unique.Bumper Image Customers very often become repeat customers,returning with the
confidence of knowing that a Bumper Image repair is top quality,good value and hassle free.

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